You know how sometimes you’re in bed fast asleep or you’re in the middle of mass listening to a  sermon or you’re driving around a crowded market street and it sneaks up on you. The thing you missed. The sign you didn’t read. The movement you didn’t respond to.

It suddenly finds you, when you least expect it, and for a few minutes it holds you hostage. For a few minutes, you can’t block it out. For just a few minutes, your body feels like it doesn’t have an owner.

You remember. All of a sudden, you remember. You don’t know why, but you’re sure you don’t want it there. You don’t want that stray thought floating around in your head today. Not while you’re sleeping, not while you’re driving on a busy street, not ever.

You wonder about it for a while, you re-live that conversation with an old friend or that old conversation with a new one. And suddenly the words find you. The right words, the perfect words.The kind of stuff that bad sitcoms are made of. And just like that you finally see. You see it clearly and you’re happy.

And then there’s nothing left to do but move on, sleep like a baby, plan your life in heaven and wheel right in to a tight parking spot.


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