Every Cloud…

What it says.

What it says.

I’m not usually one for clichés. A protagonist running around all over a movie in a garbage bag screaming out hopeful things about silver linings wouldn’t normally go down too well with me. Neither would two people literally dancing their way into each other’s lives while participating in a dance competition appeal very much to me. And it’s not because I’m not hopeful and it’s not because I’m a dance –grinch. It’s just that I’d normally prefer my movies without a sprinkling of inarticulate clichés.

Thankfully, Silver Linings Playbook, is anything but. The movie is absolutely lovely and human. The characters are so convincing and oddly lovable. In most scenes, more than 80% of the people in the frame are absolutely bananas, each with their own brand of madness nailed to the tee. I love the scenes where almost everyone’s talking all at once, and yet there’s a feeling that everyone’s actually listening to the other as well. That to me is brilliant; it’s exactly how families work, dysfunctional or otherwise.

And like Dr. Patel says, maybe all we need is to figure out a strategy, a play that would help us read the signs more clearly, because everyone’s ‘silver lining’ is probably just waiting to ambush them. And today I felt like just maybe mine is too.


the Notebook

The NotebookTonight, I watched the movie again. And every single time I do, it makes me want to be young and old all at the same time. It makes me want to run and jump and yell at the top of my lungs, all while lying perfectly still. It makes me want to remember and it makes me want to forget. It always makes my past, present and future collide in magical and unexpected ways. But most of all, it makes me want to write it all down in my Notebook.